Consignment Agreement

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Thank you for choosing NameDroppers

We will consider your items for consignment Monday-Wednesday from 12-5. No appointment is necessary. Items must be in good condition, without stains, loose seams, etc. We are looking for items that are current styles, purchased within the last two years and are season appropriate. We ask that items are clean, pressed, and on hangers.

Our staff will determine which items are best suited for re-sale in our stores. These items will be put on consignment for a 78 day period. Selling prices will be determined by NameDroppers. Items will be priced approximately 1/2 to 1/3 of original retail price depending upon condition and desirability of the item. You may request a list of your items with their designated prices once they have been entered into our system. Any items that are deemed unsuitable for re-sale in our stores will be held for 14 days for you to pick up. If these items are not picked up in 14 days they will be donated to charity.

Consigners will receive 40% on items priced under $100, 50% on items priced over $100 and 60% on items priced over $500 once items sell. You may call the Highland NameDroppers location to check on your account at any time during regular business hours. Once an item has sold, the amount will automatically be added to your account and you may choose to redeem in any of the following ways; store credit toward a purchase at either of our locations, cash out any amount $20 and under, or request a check for any amount over $20. Checks take 48 hours to prepare before they are ready for pick up at the Highland NameDroppers location.

Items will stay at the Highland NameDroppers location for the first 40 days of the consignment period* at their regular price. After 40 days items will be marked ½ off and sent to our Parleys Outlet location for the remaining 3 8 days. The consigner is responsible for picking up any items that they do not wish to be marked down, sent to the Parleys Outlet location, or donated, by the 40 day mark. Any items that have not sold at the end of the 78 day consignment period will automatically be donated to charity.

Remember, although reasonable care will be taken, NameDroppers will not be held responsible for loss, theft, or damage of your items. Consigner further acknowledges that all merchandise consigned is the legal property of the consigner.

*Parleys Outlet Agreement:
Any items that are deemed useable for our Parleys Outlet location only, are priced to sell and sent to that store for the full 78 day consignment period. These items may not be taken back by the consigner and will automatically be donated, if un-sold, at the end of the consignment period.

If you have any questions regarding our consignment policy, please do not hesitate to ask or give us a call.

PLEASE INITIAL:     __________ PRICE TO SELL/SEND TO PARLEYS OUTLET OK                                                           
                             __________ DONATE ANY UN-USABLE ITEMS

We sincerely hope that you will find consigning with NameDroppers to be a rewarding experience.

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I here-by agree to the above mentioned items and conditions of NameDroppers as witnesses by my signature below.

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